Bark Centerpiece

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The Bark centerpiece was designed by Michel Boucquillon and Donia Maaoui. Both of Belgian origin, the designers have been inspired by the place where they live: Casa Boucquillon in Tuscany, a place of experimentation, meditation, and work where they live at one with nature. As suggested by its name, the item brings to mind tree bark. the fretwork recalls knots in the wood, the concave and elongated shape is reminiscent of the structure of a trunk. The result is a highly poetic yet functional object: the perforated part makes it suitable to keep fruit fresh as if the fruit was in the baskets made of woven branches or bark, used in the country for the harvest. Its modeled design and large dimensions make it suitable for use as both a container and a centerpiece.
  • Perfect as a gift idea
  • Height (Inch): 2"
  • Width (Inch) 7 3/4"