Enamel on Stainless Steel Cutting Board

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Product Overview

JIA Inc.'s Enamel on Stainless Steel Cutting Board aims to tackle all common issues with cutting boards.

This board features an ultra-hard, scratch-resistant surface that is smooth, shiny and virtually poreless. The enameled surface stays cleaner than traditional wooden boards and does not hold on to moisture. This cutting board is also heat-resistant, making it perfect for cutting sizzling steaks directly off the grill. 

  • ULTRA-HARD SURFACE - Smooth enameled surface is extremely hard and scratch-resistant
  • VIRTUALLY PORELESS - Enameled surface does not allow for food, odors or moisture to soak in
  • HEAT-RESISTANT - Cut meats and veggies directly from the grill
  • NO SLIP - Silicone feet on corners keep the board stationary while cutting
  • EASY STORAGE - Corners are hole-punched for easy hanging and quick clean-up