Set of the Best - Mixed Colors

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Set of the Best is the essential collection of Dreamfarm's best and most loved kitchen tools.

Each tool has been specifically designed to solve problems and do new and incredibly useful things. Set of the Best is beautifully presented, makes the perfect gift, represents great value and is a fantastic way to start your Dreamfarm collection.

1 x Spadle – large scraping spoon that turns into a ladle
1 x Holey Spadle – slotted spoon/ladle and pasta server
1 x Chopula – flexible chopping spatula
1 x Supoon – silicone scraping spoon
1 x Mini Supoon – silicone jar spoon

  • Length: 34cm / 13.4"
  • Width: 12cm / 4.7"
  • Materials: Nylon, silicone.