Stainless Steel Pot with Ceramic Coating

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Keen to prevent your rice pudding and other dishes from sticking to the saucepan? The practical ceramic coating brings you a step closer to successfully making rice puddings and other similar dishes every time. The pot is also good if you want to save on fat when cooking, as the coating ensures that nothing sticks. The pots with a ceramic coating make up a series that combines the stainless steel look with a practical ceramic coating for a stringent design line in the kitchen without the risk of food sticking when cooking. The design builds on the original Ole Palsby/Eva Trio concept from 1977 but now features a ceramic coating on the inside that withstands temperatures as high as 400°C. The cookware series features non-stick Slip-Let® properties and a sandwich base with an aluminum core for fast and optimum heat distribution.
  • Heat-tolerant up to 400°C.
  • Fast and optimum heat distribution.
  • Original design from 1977.
  • Materials: Stainless steel, Aluminium, Ceramic coating.
  • Maintenance: Dishwasher-safe.
  • Design by: Ole Palsby.
  • Size: Volume: 3.6 L, Diameter: 20 cm.