ThawTHAT! Deluxe Thaw Plate - Silver

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Product Overview

ThawTHAT! Deluxe defrosts while you prepare, making for shorter food prep periods and maximizes precious family time.

*GIA Award for Best Kitchenware*

With its unique heat exchange design, the ThawTHAT! Deluxe Thaw Plate by That! Inventions naturally and quickly defrosts your food while you prepare! Hidden under its elegant exterior is a heat exchange system utilizing thermal liquid and heat pipes used by the semiconductor industry that provide a super-fast heat exchange to thaw your food quickly and safely. No heating, batteries, or electricity required!
  • Elegant anodized surface with wood grain design.
  • Features a slight tilt that guides melted liquid towards the integrated drip tray.
  • Side mounted silicone gel strips keep your countertop safe from scratch free.