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Backpacks & Bags

Shupatto Foldable Tote Bags


Marna of Japan's Shupatto Tote Bag is designed to be carried day in and day out, and its tiny shape allows it to fit practically anyplace.


The Shupatto tote bag packs away like magic with the Pull+Roll movement, so say goodbye to sorting 100s of environmental bags in your trunk.

Stay dry wherever you go with BLUNT's compact Metro Umbrella.

Compact, convenient and collapsible, the BLUNT Metro Umbrella is perfect for the urban dweller, busy people in busy places.

Available in Red, Pink, Blush, Black, Blue, Orange, Navy, & Green


Discover the art of drinking with memobottle.

Wallets & Money Clips




Face Masks

Proud2Support non-medical face masks are a unique solution to today's unique concerns.  


In addition to a great quality face mask, 10% of proceeds are donated to development projects for underprivileged children and families around the world.  Specifically in the areas of health, nutrition, hygiene, water supply and access to education. 

Cuff Links & Key Rings

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