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The Rotating Glasses by Shtox are unique glasses which can spin on the table. 

Dipped Metalic Collection

Keep ice for cocktails cooler longer or chill your favorite bottle of champagne with ease.


These sophisticated condensation-free ice bucket—and easy-to-use tongs—add a little je ne sais quoi to your bar cart.

Take your mixology game to the next level with the S’well Cocktail Shaker.


This sophisticated shaker and stainless steel jigger keep cocktails and mocktails measured, mixed, and chilled for effortless entertaining.

When Tasting Whisky Becomes an Art and a Journey


Peugeot's Whisky Tasting Set revolutionises the art and the method of tasting whisky.


With the Whisky Tasting Set in the Impitoyables collection, Peugeot is taking you a genuine sensory adventure.


The Whisky Tasting Set consists of one glass and one chilling base.

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