Exceptional fragrance, thoughtful craftsmanship, ethical practices, and the finest pure materials.


LAFCO was founded by Jon Bresler, inspired by the tradition and experience of a European apothecary. 


LAFCO strives to deliver a high-quality, natural, sustainable, and guilt-free experience.



Absolut Candles


The Absolute Collection harnesses the power of highly concentrated fragrance oils known as absolutes to create an exquisitely aromatic experience that is uniquely true to nature.


Available in six fragrances:

 - Forest Oakmoss
 - Rose de Mai
 - Balsam Black Pepper
 - Orange Blossom
 - Clary Sage
 - Lavender Flower


Fragrance Diffusers


Robust, elegant, everlasting


LAFCO's reed diffusers fill any space with continuous long-lasting fragrance from an ornamental glass vessel that serves as an enduring objet d'art.


Bar Soap