Companion Carbon Steel Wok

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A truly authentic wok designed for use in the modern home. 

The JIA Inc. Companion Carbon Steel Wok is crafted from beech wood, stainless steel, glass, and carbon steel with no chemical coating. The wok features high sides with fast and even heat distribution. The beech wood handle is heat-resistant. The large radius and flat bottom are suitable for use on gas, electric, ceramic and IH stovetops. The bump texture on the inner surface creates pockets of air to reduce the overall surface area touching the food. This creates a naturally non-stick surface which has been treated with a nitriding process to be rust-resistant.

  • NATURALLY NON-STICK - Inner bump texture creates air-pockets underneath and keeps food from sticking
  • RUST-RESISTANT - Treated with a nitriding process which protects the surface from rusting
  • FAST HEAT DISTRIBUTION - Flat bottom and large curved edges heat up quickly and evenly
  • LIGHT-WEIGHT - Light weight construction with secondary handle for easy use
  • COMPATIBLE - This wok will work with any gas, electric, ceramic and IH stovetops

1. Clean the wok immediately after each use. Use of detergent is not suggested; clean the wok with warm water and a brush. 
2. After cleaning, dry the wok on a medium heat over the stove and apply a layer of cooking oil as a protective layer to complete daily care. 
3. The flat bottom design makes the wok compatible with all heat resources: electric solid or radiant plates, induction and gas stove. 
4. Suitable for pan-fry, stew, stir-fry, deep-fry, steam, braise, and various kinds of cooking methods. 
5. After proper seasoned in the first few uses, the surface of the wok will become naturally non-stick.

Please follow first-use instructions to properly season the wok for best results.
Not dishwasher safe - Not recommended to use dish washing liquid as it may cause rust. Dry completely before storing.