Eva Solo

Eva Solo

Good Design Is Everything

Eva Solo of Denmark works with designers who excel within their respective fields, and over the years our products have won more than 150 Danish and international design awards.

Design is not just about outward appearances.


Design is a combination of aesthetics, functionality and choice of materials. Good design produces beautiful products which are a joy to use and own.


Good design is simply at the heart of everything Eva Solo does.

Garden & Outdoor

Flowerpots & Planters

Eva Solo's stylish self-watering flowerpots, orchid pots, and flowerpots look great both indoors and outdoors, and keep your plants from drying out and wilting.

Bird Feeders & Bird Baths

Invigorate your garden and pamper your garden birds with Eva Solo's bird feeders and bird baths.


Do you want to improve the look of your home bar?

For the aspiring amateur bartender, Eva Solo offers elegant, high-quality bar equipment. Enjoy your favorite drinks with Eva Solo's iconic angled rim wine glasses, beer glasses, and liquor glasses. 


Green Tools

In the kitchen, less plastic means more flavor. Eva Solo's Green Tools is a collection of utilitarian cookware made from sustainable material meant to enhance the flavor of the veggies you serve.


Eva Solo's large selection of kitchen tools and utensils are made with an emphasis on functionality and design.

Knife Blocks

Store and display your knives effectively and beautifully with Eva Solo's award-winning knife stands.

Nordic Kitchen Serving Tray

Serve coffee, drinks, or breakfast in style.

The combination of black and rustic oak achieves an exclusive and stylish look.


Even though it is designed to be used, it will undoubtedly also add a touch of elegance if left on display in your kitchen.


 - Simple and timeless design.
 - Practical carrying handle.
 - Easy to keep clean.

Coffee & Tea

Nothing compares to the taste of freshly brewed coffee and tea.

Eva Solo's wide range of vacuum jugs, tea makers, travel mugs, tumblers and accessories are perfect for brewing and serving.

Enjoy coffee or tea at your leisure.

Distinguished by their attention to quality and functionality, Eva Solo's wide range of stylish vacuum jugs keep your beverages hot for a long time with their glass inserts or stainless steel linings.

Grilling & Outdoor Cooking

Apron in Canvas and Leather

Whether grilling outdoors or cooking in the kitchen, this durable, timeless Eva Solo apron will keep you stylish and protect your clothes.
- Made of hard-wearing canvas and leather
- Adjustable neck strap
- Easy to clean, machine washable
- Leather pocket for kitchen and grill utensils