Mi Square Pocket Speaker - Cherry

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Product Overview

Naturally hand crafted and beautifully designed with great performance.   
Gingko MI SQUARE Pocket Bluetooth Speaker makes your travel music experience
seriously matter. 

Made with solid natural wood and powered by a long-lasting integrated rechargeable
battery, the MI SQUARE Pocket Bluetooth Speaker is a very handy object to travel
with, no matter where you go and what you do. It delivers you seriously great
sound in a small and neat cherry case. 

The MI SQUARE Pocket Bluetooth Speaker designed by Gingko reflects their design
ethos and commitment to modern, stylish and great design.

Product Features:

- Mono ø40mm speaker driver
- Output power: 3W
- Horn resistance: 4Ω
- Strong bass with diaphragm
- Li-polymer rechargeable Battery 500mAh
- Battery Life: 3-6 hours(depends on the volume)
- Input power: 5V, 500mA
- LED charging/playing/pause indicator
- Product material: solid American Cherry, Walnut and Bamboo wood square case + fabric front face 
- Product Size: 3" x 3" x 1.10"
- Product Weight: 3.35 oz.