Miya Company

Miya Company

Beautiful. Simple. Fun.


Incorporated by Mr. Miya in 1947, this small mom-and-pop store has grown into the East Coast's leading importer and supplier of Japanese dinnerware and gifts.


Mr. Miya's nephew and family own and run Miya, which continues to deliver the finest of Japan to you.

Aizome Serving Bowls


Aizome (藍染め) is the Japanese word for indigo dye.


A beautiful centerpiece, the Aizome Collection serving bowls are perfect for serving pasta or as a fruit bowl.


Packaged in a gift box making it perfect as a housewarming, hostess or wedding gift.


Monyou Plates


Monyou (文様) is a Japanese word that refers to classic geometric or botanical designs that have been utilized on clothes and textiles for thousands of years.



Sendan Tokusa Collection


A beautiful and intricate take on the traditional Tokusa design. Blue lines radiate from the center of the piece that grow to reach the rims. The details on this pattern are impeccable and perfect for any table.


Plate & Bowl Sets


Blue Vintage Mugs



Made in Japan, Miya's mugs are adorned in beautiful textile patterns and traditional motifs that complement any decor.


Navy Blue Ombre Glaze Chopsticks





Dress your table up or down with Miya's elegant ombre glaze chopsticks.


These chopsticks are a beautiful match for Miya Company's blue and white porcelain tableware.