Oeno Collection 1 Gift Set

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L'Atelier du Vin's Oeno Collection 1 Gift Set is a collection of wine accessories sure to please any wine lover.

The Oeno Collection 1 Gift Box contains a Soft Machine Ebony Corkscrew and a Leaf Pourer for your still wines, as well as a Cork Opener and a Bubble Cork for your champagnes and sparkling wine.

  • Soft Machine Ebony Corkscrew: A fluid and easy movement, with no torsion inflicted on the cork which remains intact. A capsule cutter and a bottle opener are both integrated into this tool made of ebony and solid stainless steel.
  • Cork Opener: The cork opener from L’Atelier du Vin is designed to help you open your champagne bottles and celebrate great events safely.
  • Pourer Leaf: The Pourer Leaf sublimates the aromas of wine thanks to the technology of the ribbons of aromas. It is also the first pourer that oxygenates the wine while allowing you to control its flow.
  • Bubble Cork: Give a second life to your bottles of champagne and sparkling wines. With the Bubble Cork, keep the sparkling character of your champagnes and sparkling wines.