Before or After?

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Was Caesar salad invented before or after the zipper? Which came first: tree-shaped air
fresheners or roll-on deodorant? Had the Titanic been found by the time the first New York
City Marathon was held?

Before or after? is a fun and engaging game where it’s all about guessing which of two events
happened first. No need to know the exact year – you only need to have a feel for whether an
event took place before or after other ones. Stop any time to keep the points you’ve racked up
or keep going and risk it all to win even more! Get ready for entertaining questions and sharp
turns as over 600 events come together in an unpredictable mix of excitement and nostalgia.

Before or after is the perfect game for your next party, dinner, or get-together with friends and family!

Age:  14+
Players:  2+
Play time: 15-45 min

Weight: 9.5 oz
Dimensions: 5.7” x 5.7” x 1.8”