Grand Cru Pouring, Aerating and Decanting Wine Stopper, Black/Steel

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The wine is aerated by this pourer stopper, increasing its surface area and enhancing the flavor. Tom Nybroe, a designer and wine specialist, created the pourer stopper. The wine pourer's long, proportionate reach lets the wine's bouquet to fully shine when paired with the decanting feature, offering you the optimum olfactory experience with each pour. The pourer stopper's length and holes are meticulously positioned to provide for the best aeration and highlight the characteristics of the wine. While pouring wine, the pourer stopper also stops the bottle from dribbling. A great present for a host or a wonderful father's day gift when paired with a fine bottle of wine.

Material: Stainless steel, Silicone
Height: 24 cm
Diameter: 3 cm