How Do You Know That?

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Do you love trivia games with questions about long-dead classical composers and
Eastern European capitals? Sorry, this won’t be the game for you…

That’s because How did you know that? is an addictively fun trivia game where, for once,
not just trivia buffs and know-it-alls stand a chance. With over 400 interesting and unpredictable
questions, this is a game where everyone has a shot at winning and you never have to wait your turn!

Can someone yodeling cause an avalanche? Is it possible to break a diamond with a hammer?
Get ready to hear the other players yell out “How did you know that?!” when you nail a question no
one else knows!

Perfect for your next party or dinner with friends and family!

Age: 14+
Players: 3+
Play time: 15-45 min

Weight: 9.5 oz
Dimensions: 5.7” x 5.7” x 1.8”