Top Of Mind

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A farm animal. A pizza topping. A TV show. A day of the week.
Something besides a door that you can open with a key. A body part.
What will the other players answer?

Top of mind is an exciting and fast-paced game where you put your telepathy skills to the test!
Try to guess what the other players will answer to more than 400 categories on a variety of
entertaining subjects. The more people who answer the same as you, the more points
you rack up! In this addictively engaging game, everyone answers at the same time,
no one ever has to sit and wait for their turn, and anyone can get points at any time.
With no complicated rules, it’s easy to learn and immediately start playing. Top of mind
makes a great gift and is the perfect amount of fun to get any party started! Perfect for a night in,
a party, or a dinner with friends or family.

Age: 21+
Players: 2+
Play time: 15-45 min